Overall score: 4 out of 5

Evidence score: 1 out of 5

Editor’s notes:

The Express Scripts mobile app was developed by Express Scripts in order to help patients keep track of their medication supplies and refills. It eases the process of procuring prescription drugs at the cheapest price from the nearest pharmacy, in addition to providing home delivery services. It also provides periodic alerts when pills are getting low which ensures a continuous supply of medications.

Some of the app features are:

  • My Rx choices: view lower cost alternative medications covered under your plan which can be discussed with doctor at point-of-care
  • Medicine cabinet: view medications and set reminders to either take or order them
  • Order status: track status of home delivery medications
  • Locate a pharmacy: search for the closest in-network pharmacies
  • Transfer to a home delivery: Get home delivery on your prescription medications
  • Claims and history: view your previous prescription and payment history
  • Price a medication: compare prices of medications for home delivery and multiple local pharmacies
  • Refills and renewals: refill and renew home delivery prescriptions
  • Prescription ID card: have access to your member prescription ID on your device from anywhere
  • Drug info: get detailed drug information including potential side effects, drug interactions and drug images, etc

Requirements: The patient must have an Express Scripts prescription benefit plan through their health insurance or plan sponsor to use the app.



Company: Express Scripts Holding Company

Website: https://www.express-scripts.com/consumer/site/home?partner=MOBIDEM

Price: free

Device compatibility: iOS, Android

EHR integrated: none

FDA cleared: no

Evidence: none

The Express Scripts mobile app

The Express Scripts mobile app






      • My Rx choices
      • Medicine cabinet
      • Order status
      • Free


      • Not EHR Integrated
      • Not FDA Cleared