Leading Healthcare’s Digital Transformation – Evidence Based Digital Health

HealthIMPACT  June 5th, 10:00 AM- 12:00 PM (details at www.healthimpacteast.com)

It’s not enough to just innovate, you must be able to take projects from innovation to transformation. Your organization must respond and make evidence-based decisions quickly and effectively to ensure organizational success. Almost every major Healthcare organization has an innovation center. Many share the similar objective to bring digital innovation into the organization. However, digital innovation is suffering from a lack of shared evidence. In this session, innovation leaders across the healthcare eco-system will discuss the models that are working and how organizations are coming together to share lessons learned to bring innovation from implementation to transformation.

  • Setting sites on technology the impacts quality of care and meets the triple aim
  • Closing the gap between technology and reality
  • Measuring the success of innovation – How many lives did you save? How did patient outcomes improve? How much money did you save?