About NODEHealth

Connecting healthcare innovation centers worldwide.

Network of Digital Evidence in Health (NODEHealth) vision is to be an academic home for evidence in digital medicine. Our mission is to combine the rigor of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) with emerging healthcare technologies to help create evidence-based digital medicine. NODE Members represent a diverse group of academic innovation centers, industry, investors, and entrepreneurs. Combining startup spirit with rigor of evidence based medicine, NODEHealth builds and explores the knowledge base now required to lead global healthcare systems and industry into value based era.

At the heart of NODEHealth, we are shaping a consortium of academic medical centers and health systems who have chosen to work together to lay the foundation for evidence-based digital medicine. The consortium work includes:

  • Sharing information about ongoing single site digital medicine pilots to prevent duplication
  • Standardizing existing governance and regulatory policies to fast track pilot adoption and evaluation
  • Adopting new research designs and clinical trial endpoints that are relevant to value based healthcare
  • Launching strategic initiatives to support multi-site digital medicine pilots
  • Publishing and disseminating the results into journals, and help launch the journal of digital medicine evidence


Bringing together teams building the latest apps, innovative wearables, and connected devices

Innovative Ideas

Thinking beyond traditional medicine silos to transform healthcare in a value-based world


Analyzing and evaluating to find what truly works, instead of unproven “snake oil”


Key leaders from academic centers, industry, startup, and investment communities come together

“What’s lacking is evidence that proves the value of mHealth. Not just in terms of return on investment, but in terms of improving patient outcomes. We need to prove clinical effectiveness and increase efforts on the engagement side.”

Ashish Atreja, MD, MPH

Chief Technology Innovation and Engagement Officer, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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