Evidence Matters Podcast: A prelude to NODE.Health DMC

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In this, first ever featured NODE.Health Podcast, we feature a prelude to a keynote session that will be held during their upcoming NODE.Health Digital Medicine Conference, December 7th to 11th. Prior to the conference, they sat down and recorded a fascinating introduction to the topic entitled “When Evidence Matters (and when it doesn’t).” The session is moderated by Dr. Ben Rosner of UCSF and Scientific Chair of NODE.Health and features nationally renowned thought leaders Dr. Atul Butte, Dr. Mona Siddiqui, Dr. Harlan Krumholz. We hope you enjoy this session and encourage you to sign up for the conference to hear its continuation along with many more incredibly engaging discussions on digital, evidence and transformation. Register for the conference, and its complementary certificate course at NODE.Health/conference.

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