Validate your Solution

NODE.Health supports the digital innovation ecosystem by helping validate solutions through clinical trials. NODE’s single and multi-site clinical study process standardizes steps related to evaluating and “certifying” digital technologies using a repeatable, reliable, independent, and rigorous clinical and business approach.

NODE.Health offers a range of clinical validation services:

Digital Health Advisory

We provide advice to digital companies on which solutions might benefit from which type of clinical study

Digital Health Protocol Design

We facilitate protocol design tailored to digital health technologies

Single and Multi-Site Trials

We coordinate single or multi-site clinical trials across our membership base and beyond

Scientific Expertise

We leverage our scientific advisory council to advise companies workflow integration, endpoints and study design

Evaluation and Publication

We support study evaluation and publication

Healthcare System Placement

We connect digital companies to healthcare systems interested in supporting a clinical study

Active & Completed Studies


Completed phase one of NODE.Health’s validation process for an e-consent platform. The solution is a software platform that improves pre-and post-care education.

Low-Cost Cardiac Output Monitor

Provided phase two support for a cardiac output monitoring tool, which is easier to operate and more cost-effective compared to current offerings in the market.

Neural Network Development for ECGs

Provided third phase support to help validate a new artificial intelligence platform called a ‘convolution neural network classifier’.

AI CT Imaging

Provided phase one support for an artificial intelligence application related to non-contrast head/brain CT imaging for patients with head trauma or stroke symptoms.

A registered 501c3 non-profit organization, we help healthcare organizations realize the benefits of digital medicine faster and with less risk by creating, gathering, and sharing clinical evidence and best practice

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