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Commercial and four-phase research collaboration opportunity with AI-based solution for clinical triage and self-assessment that has run over 4,000,000 symptom assessments worldwide.
Solution is the only scientifically-validated solution being commercialized in the U.S. and available within the Epic App Orchard. The technology targets patients that present to the Emergency Department and leverages artificial intelligence to triage and assess symptoms. The client is interested in a collaboration opportunity with an American health system to launch the solutions’s first clinical study in USA, which would be the first of its kind carried out in the U.S. Market. The technology was a NODE.Health Validation Competition category winner in 2018.

COVID Public Health Educational Tool

Supporting first phase of validation effort of a digital technology firm building a public health education and awareness solution to support the community during and after COVID. The solution is intended to alert citizens of local transmission trends and to provide feedback on health, hygiene, containment and mitigation efforts in support of the community returning to work.
This validation effort will review regulations and requirements associated with providing a public health, public facing solution designed to support the reintegration of citizens into the community and work force in a responsible, managed way. The effort will also look at the implications for responsibly connecting citizens with testing resources and in providing a platform for tracing and isolating the virus.

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