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Are you a healthcare system that wants to transform the health care industry through the adoption of digital technologies by being a part of the clinical validation ecosystem?

Digital health solutions has made transformation a priority for hospitals and health systems

Most have yet to find a way to quickly and cost-effectively evaluate solutions for safety and efficacy.

That’s why, at NODE.Health, leading health systems are working alongside technologists and innovators to build an ecosystem of evidence and best practices that will help them adopt digital solutions quickly and confidently.

Become a Health System Member

When you join NODE.Health as a health system, your team will have the chance to work with—and learn from—individuals at like-minded organizations who are seeking and identifying answers to the same pressing questions. What’s more, your system will have access to emerging companies, technology demos, innovative research studies and a variety of opportunities for thought leadership. Join today and become part of our growing partnership of hospitals and health systems who are bringing the promise of digital medicine to the real world of healthcare delivery.

NODE.Health Health System Membership Benefits

  • Free registration to all NODE.Health events and conferences for up to 5 health system executive members. Executives are Vice Presidents and above to include CNO, CMO, CIO, VPs, CEOs and Board Directors. Directors of Medical Programs are also includes as an executive.
  • 50% discount for all other registrations and certificate courses for their health system members
  • Invited speaker slots in webinars and conference
  • Opportunity to co-author in Evidence Pulse, Medium and Journals
  • Site invitation and priority opportunities for paid validation trials, expert interviews and studies
  • Represent NODE.Health and participate in other society partnerships, committees, and task forces
  • Nomination to NODE.Health Exec Board after 2 years of active participation (as defined in Policy for Hospital membership)
  • Opportunities to participate in NODE.Health Members and Special Guests Only Monthly Networking
  • Opportunity to lead or participate in NODE.Health NODES and Work Groups (subject to approval by NODE.Health Members Group)

Need additional help with Validation or Research?

NODE.Health will work with you on your research or study needs.
Support for these types of efforts may incur additional costs. For more information on Validation or Research support, please reach out to NODE.Health at [email protected].

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