Where digital medicine
meets the real world

Digital transformation is key to the future and evolution of healthcare

But its potential and impact can only be realized by bridging the divide.
On the one hand, you have innovators, fueled by a culture of acceleration and disruption. On the other, you have a healthcare system guided by scientific rigor and clinical research.

The reality is, it’s in everyone’s best interests to find a common currency.

Enter NODE.Health—the Network of Digital Evidence.

We are the non-profit, professional association for digital medicine, focused on creating, gathering, and disseminating the evidence and best practices needed to facilitate digital transformation in healthcare. By creating an ecosystem of evidence, we serve as the catalyst that makes disruptive innovation actionable, sustainable and beneficial—for everyone involved.

We’re passionate about what we do!

We align some of the world’s most renowned health care organizations, leading researchers, clinicians and providers with digital health entrepreneurs.
We know it’s key to advancing thought leadership and bolstering digital transformation. From assembling work groups and learning sessions to conducting rigorous validation studies to the annual NODE.Health Conference, we continue to create new standards for evidence-based digital medicine that give technologists the power to advance their innovation—and healthcare organizations the confidence to adopt and scale.

A Vision for NODE.Health

A Message from Dr Ashish Atreja (Founding Chairman, NODE.Health)

By now I hope you’ve heard the story about how NODE.Health was formed. A small gathering of innovation officers and passionate people banding together to help each other make change. We gathered in conference rooms, hallways and coffee shops – each frustrated by lack of change but inspired by our belief in the cause, and in each other.
It is with a fond heart that we look back on our past as we look toward our future and focus on our vision, to build a healthier world through the realized potential of digital medicine.  We believe we have never been better positioned to do just that. We’ve come a long way since our small coffee shop gatherings as we welcome in the new year. But in order to know where we are going, it’s important to know where we’ve been.

We’ve Gathered

In 2017 we hosted our first conference, which welcomed a few dozen people. It was intimate and allowed us to focus on practical matters, in small workshops targeting a problem. During the 2023 Digital Medicine Conference, we welcomed over 500+ people from around the world, and featured renowned speakers equally as diverse. We conducted 15+ highly substantive sessions, free from the typical fanfare that celebrates the trendiness of innovation and we hosted the Federal Health Innovation Day. We focused on evidence, but we kept that small intimate feel, encouraging networking and sharing, while still facilitating those same small workgroups dedicated to advancing ideas.

We’ve Created

In 2018, we initiated our verification and validation services by designing a modern and flexible approach to digital health research, and reconstructing what it means to be a digital contract research organization with a unique focus on digital medicine innovation. We continue to support different types of studies and study methodologies with validation efforts of different scales, including the facilitation of FDA clearance, design and management of remote studies, and have had our results published in premier journals. We continue to translate our learnings from these efforts by creating original thought pieces about digital health innovation and research, assessing best practices and defining gold standards as well as creating frameworks and reference guides to help guide the entire industry on what is working, and what isn’t.

We’ve Shared

Finally, in 2020 we saw a need for evidence-based education, believing there was a gap in medical and professional curriculums that did not empower and equip our emerging or existing workforce with fundamental concepts in digital medicine, evidence and transformation. So, we established an educational program and offered our first course, the NODE.Health Digital Medicine Foundation Certificate Course, which shared best practices and lessons learned from an incredible faculty along with materials and references from credible sources across the industry. We welcomed 150 global students in our first offering and were blown away by the feedback with reactions like “Inspiring”, “Energizing”, and “Phenomenal!”.

NODE.Health will continue to serve our mission and advance our vision by doing our part to build a healthier world.

We will:

Build our research capabilities so that we may support at scale more digital health innovation to prove efficacy, support verification and validation and advance scaled adoption of digital health solutions.
Provide more educational offerings to equip you with the skills you need to leverage the power of digital medicine.
Grow our NODE workgroups to create more opportunities for people to come together in order to advance healthcare initiatives that matter.
Create more opportunities for our member network to connect and learn from one other.

We hope you will consider joining us in building a healthier world.

Come find your catalyst in NODE.Health, where digital medicine meets the real world.

A registered 501c3 non-profit organization, we help healthcare organizations realize the benefits of digital medicine faster and with less risk by creating, gathering, and sharing clinical evidence and best practice

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