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Bring the promise of digital innovation to the real world of healthcare delivery

Whether you are a student, a provider, a researcher or an innovator, you know that digital transformation is at the forefront of today’s healthcare universe.
You also know that for an industry mired in history and process and steeped in scientific rigor, this type of transformation is difficult—albeit critical. That’s why NODE.Health is inviting you to join in our effort to advance digital transformation through standards-based evidence. You will have the opportunity to work with healthcare and technology leaders from across the country to build consensus, develop best practices, and execute research

NODE.Health Individual Membership Benefits

Ecosystem Knowledge Hub and Information-Sharing

  • Opportunities to participate in NODE.Health Members and Special Guests Only Monthly Networking
  • Opportunity to lead or participate in NODE.Health NODES and Work Groups (subject to approval by NODE.Health Members Group)
  • Discounted access to all educational content and events
  • Unlimited access to NODE.Health’s Pulse newsletter, webinars and content to learn from discussions with digital health leaders and keep up to date with currently available digital health solutions.
  • Opportunity to co-author in Evidence Pulse, Medium and Journals
  • Discounted passes to NODE.Health’s annual Digital Medicine Conference.

Need additional help with Validation or Research?

NODE.Health will work with you on your research or study needs.
Support for these types of efforts may incur additional costs. For more information on Validation or Research support, please reach out to NODE.Health at [email protected].

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