Active & Completed

Validation Studies


Usability and acceptability of crowdsourcing personalized health data


AI-based digital health companion for eye disease

Conducted a qualitative study with world class ophthalmology, digital health, and regulatory experts within the ocular space to determine the initial feasibility of digital companion solutions to ocular monitoring and treatment.

Oncology Platform for Provider Guidance

Conducted a pilot study testing a specialized oncology platform with clinicians for a research sponsor. The results informed the overall usability and functionality of the digital health platform.

Role of Digital Technologies in Women’s Health

Developed an IRB approved research protocol and conducted a qualitative study on women’s health perceptions and use of digital health technologies. We also conducted expert focus groups with physicians familiar with women’s health and as…

Digital Diagnostic Tool for Parkinson’s Disease

Supported and advised on the development of a landmark study protocol, inclusive of biostatistical support for a digital health tool to help diagnose Parkinson’s disease. The digital health solution aims to supplement traditional diagnos…

Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Supporting four phase multi-site validation effort of a digital technology firm that provides on-demand transportation services for patients. The solution is intending to demonstrate evidence that digital solutions can reduce no-show rat…

Neural Network Development for ECGs

Provided third phase support to help validate a new artificial intelligence platform called a ‘convolution neural network classifier’. The study evaluated the platform’s performance on various arrhythmias diagnosed on 12-lead …

Low-Cost Cardiac Output Monitor

Provided phase two support for a cardiac output monitoring tool, which is easier to operate and more cost-effective compared to current offerings in the market. This tool, which has been FDA approved, will enable patients to understand t…


Completed phase one of NODE.Health’s validation process for an e-consent platform. The solution is a software platform that improves pre-and post-care education by using high-quality medical animations to explain treatment options, a sur…

COVID Public Health Educational Tool

Supporting first phase of validation effort of a digital technology firm building a public health education and awareness solution to support the community during and after COVID. The solution is intended to alert citizens of …

AI Symptom Checker for EDs

Commercial and four-phase research collaboration opportunity with AI-based solution for clinical triage and self-assessment that has run over 4,000,000 symptom assessments worldwide. Solution is the only scientifically-validated solution…

AI CT Imaging

Provided phase one support for an artificial intelligence application related to non-contrast head/brain CT imaging for patients with head trauma or stroke symptoms. The technology provides a triage aid to prioritize and notif…

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